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Bryan J. Fletcher is a financial and business professional with over 10 years of experience in the financial services sector. During his career, Bryan successfully recruited and managed a client portfolio for Credit Suisse in Manhattan, New York. Generating over $6 million annually, Bryan was instrumental in delivering an innovative sales coverage strategy that allowed the firm to more efficiently meet the needs of a broad array of clients. His initiative and forward-thinking quickly positioned him as a leader amongst his peers and led to him being selected to participate in the “Step Up To Lead” program for future leaders within the company.


Prior to serving in the financial industry, Bryan was an accomplished collegiate and professional athlete. As an All-Conference athlete, he was selected by his peers for the UCLA Football “Best Leadership Award.” Following college, Bryan spent several years in the National Football League where his career culminated a Super Bowl championship victory with the Indianapolis Colts organization. With a mindset toward public service, Bryan also participated in one of the first international internships ever for an NFL player, serving at The U.S. Embassy in Madrid, Spain and with NFL Mexico. His time with the NFL also allowed him to remain active in the community, donating his time visiting local schools and hospitals engaging in motivational discussions, while sharing relevant life experiences. 

Bryan turned these experiences into a Financial and Operations Consultant role for a large resort in Baja California, Mexico. In just over a year, his leadership and strategic expertise contributed to the resort realizing its first profitable fiscal year in nearly a decade. Fluent in Spanish and having traveled to over 18 countries, Bryan continues to seek opportunities to impact the lives of youth around the world.

Most recently, Bryan has increased his role as a public servant through work with the San Diego Chapter of the Black American Political Association of California (BAPAC SD), as well as a Commissioner on the San Diego County Civil Service Commission.


Bryan earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from The University of California - Los Angeles and a Master of Business Administration in Finance from The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.


"I still firmly believe in The American Dream...that our best days are yet ahead."

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