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My Thoughts | Why I Got Involved

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

I grew up in a family of modest means, to a strong father, who served in the military, and a hard-working mother, who instilled in me the value of service, and the importance of participating in something greater than oneself. After having the opportunity to play on a Super Bowl Championship team, as well as a successful career in the financial industry, I have decided to use my experiences to serve the people.

Today, far too many children are being left behind, too many hard-working families are struggling to make ends meet, children are being separated from their families, and too many are being demeaned and diminished because of whom they love, how they gender identify, their cultural background and their national origin. Not to mention, that not enough Americans are participating in this so-called robust economy.

As I live and witness the struggles and challenges too many of us face, what compelled me to speak is that I still firmly believe in The American Dream, that our best days are yet ahead, and because I know that we can and must do better than this.

I will continue to fight for families, children and all people on issues that matter to them.

#blacklivesmatter #americandream

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